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You Must Not Take Yourself Seriously, 48” X 36”, acrylic, cold wax, on canvas.



- Life’s a wild rollercoaster, full of loops and surprises. Who’s got time to be serious when you’re just trying to keep your seatbelt fastened?

- Let’s face it, laughter’s the best medicine, and we could all use a good dose of it.


“You Cannot Take Yourself Seriously” challenges conventional notions of self-importance, urging viewers to embrace the playful and whimsical aspects of life.

Through vibrant colors and dynamic shapes, the artwork invites a sense of lightness and freedom, encouraging viewers to let go of rigid expectations and embrace spontaneity.

By adopting a lighthearted approach, the piece invites introspection and prompts viewers to reconsider the seriousness with which they navigate the world

You Must Not Take Yourself Seriously

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