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What is beauty?

Today I drove along Nebraska’s Interstate 80 from Lincoln to Omaha, and was reminded of the beauty of this world.

It was that golden stubble of a freshly harvested corn field that stopped my breath for a moment. I wanted run across that field, trip through the tough stalks, hear the crackle of dry leaves, smell the corn. Fresh corn. Field corn. Golden corn.

Eyes closed. Face to the warm sun. Breathing… In and out.

This is where my heart lies and my inspiration for art grows. Being born into the amazing landscape of the rural Midwest. Waking up every day with a wild invitation to explore… Play… Imagine.

Even though I no longer live on the farm, I want to take each of you there for an hour or so to get lost in the fields… Explore the woods… Cross the creeks… Hear the silence. .. Feel the awe… To know this beauty.

Beauty isn’t about nice, lovely, pretty faces. Beauty is about a more rounded substantial connection to nature… Moments…. People… Relationships… Experiences… Unfolding…. Becoming.

To capture this beauty in art and share it with you… To open eyes to the kind of beauty that opens so much possibility…. That is my wish

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