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The year of becoming

You become what you believe.

The past six years, I’ve created a new beautiful and happy life. Yet, on Thanksgiving weekend 2013 I realized I wasn’t living as full as I could. I’ve always been a bit of a maverick, a fire-starter, a bra burner. I had an itch. There was more, much more, juicy living. I envisioned a different way to live, work and play through creativity. What else could I do, but commit. I committed to grow, learn, connect, communicate, share and become more through the arts.

The first night, I gathered art and posted a pic of each and every piece on a new B.Todd.Arts Facebook page announcing that the artist known as Beverly was in the house. It was my flag in the sand.

The second night, my walls became plastered with sheets of easel pad paper… marked with intentions, goals, and dates. One headline read “Year One Plan: develop my why, my style, my voice.” It was my map across the ocean.

And then I went to work… Studying and painting at art retreats. Connecting with mentors, listening to experts, and becoming a part of a wonderful supportive art tribe. Playing, exploring, making ugly art, making beautiful art, and then painting more. I meditated and thought deeply about why I have a calling to create. This was my epic exploration of a new world.

Last week, I arrived at the first stop on my destination. The first B.Todd.Arts LLC open house, art show and workshop launch. I’ve hit every mark on my goal map, and then added more. I’ve painted nearly every day. My art hangs in homes across the U.S. and in Canada. I’ve created a menu of workshops and led sessions on both coasts.

This is joy.

What I’ve learned along the way…

  • Be unapologetic true to yourself. Speak and live your truth. Own your story.

  • Work. Work. Work. You are the only one who can make your life what you want.

  • Love. Give love. And be delightfully surprised when it comes back from the most unexpected people and places.

  • Surround yourself with people who love and support you unconditionally, these are your peeps. Ignore the others; they are not your peeps.

  • Step into your strengths, your passion and your power.

  • Joy in one’s heart and laughter in one’s life is a sign that you are living your truth.

  • The world is waiting for what you have. Share your passion, your joy, your talent. No one else can do it like you. Don’t wait… now… do it now.

  • Art is peace. Art is love. Art is joy. Art is communication. Art is emotion. Art is playful. Art is living life to the fullest. Art is about connecting with people.

  • Don’t stop growing, playing, exploring, learning. Don’t stop becoming.

  • I am amazingly strong, determined, creative, innovative, passionate. And happy… did I say happy? Yes, happy.

Usually words like “and she lived happily ever after” and “the end” appear about now. But not in this story. I have another plan… Year Two… then Year Three… More adventure. More becoming. More juicy living.

Note: For those of you with the quizzical look who are asking “Art? I didn’t know Bev was an artist.” Check out or\btoddarts

This is your personal invitation to take part. Enjoy art. Be creative. Connect. Live joyfully.

And then go do your thing… really… get going!

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