• Studied with the country’s leading

       contemporary artists including Steven Aimone,

       Jeanne Bessette, Teresa Booth Brown,

       Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, Diane Lounsberry-Williams,

       and Nicholas Wilton.


  • Kansas City Artist Coalition Member



  • 25 years as executive leader with non-profit organizations including  The Immanuel Community Foundation, Girls Scouts, Literacy Center,  Arbor Day Farms, Planned Parenthood, and Conestoga Public Schools.


  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S. Journalism and Agriculture.


  • University of Nebraska-Omaha, graduate studies, Communications.


  • University of California-Berkley, edX, The Science of Happiness


Beverly Todd

Through large-scale abstract painting, Beverly interprets nature. Connects with ideas. And explores emotion.


Her painting process is physical, using hardware-store brushes. Broken sticks. Rags. And hands. To move paint. To add layers. To pull back layers. To drip. To scrape and wipe. And to pull the paint across the surface.


Beverly grew up in rural American near Union, Nebraska. Often happily lost for hours in the open prairie landscape that inspires her work today.

In 2018, Beverly began painting in Santa Fe, and wanted to give other creatives the same experience, opening Santa Fe Artist Getaway in 2020.


She paints and teaches at her home studios in Omaha and Santa Fe. Her art hangs in collections across the U.S. and Canada.


After 25 years as a corporate executive, Beverly returned to art undertaking master studies with several of the country’s leading abstract artists/teachers.


Blending her two passions – art and personal development – she founded TeamPaint , an innovative team-building workshop that uses arts-based learning. As teams paint together, they think strategically, build bonds and open communications.



Changing how we see life through art


My art and coaching emphasizes creativity, spontaneity and dynamic expression… with colorful results. You can find it all – creative workshops and original fine art – under the umbrella of B.Todd.Arts.


In Novemer 2013 I committed to growing in art and launched B.Todd.Arts. Today, I’m living the life I’ve dreamed. That means painting nearly every day in my studio, and sharing my passion for creativity and arts-based learning through workshops.


I’m a life-long artist. My art is expressionist and abstract in acrylic, mixed media, collage and cold wax/oil. 


Through painting, I share what it has taken me a lifetime to understand about life. Life is art. It moves us, in the deepest and most unconscious way. What inspires me to create is using art as a translation, in color, shape, form and story-telling, of yearning and wonder. It is painting how emotion feels.


I’m also a life-long presenter. It was purple rosette ribbon won in 4-H public speaking at age nine that got me hooked on the power of communicating.

I’ve been presenting, talking, leading and training ever since.


My workshops use arts-based learning, an interdisciplinary approach using the arts as a pathway to explore non-art topics such as leadership, management, innovation and creativity. These immersive learning experiences use the artistic process to help people gain new insights and perspectives about business and life.


Art has changed my life in a positive way. It will change your life in surprising ways too. You too can become through art. 

                                                                                                      - Beverly