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Beverly Todd

My practice playfully lands in the child-like wonder of this world. Infusing the energy of curiosity and discovery back through fine art.

Using a painting process that is physical and unconventional, the art emerges with character. Working in acrylic and mixed media. With hardware-store brushes. Broken sticks. Rags. And hands. That move paint. Add layers. Pulls back layers. Drips. Scrapes. Wipes. And pulls the paint across the surface.

I play. I toy with abstraction, producing work that cannot always be categorized as one thing or another, unless, of course, the classification is the unexpected.


Through large-scale abstract painting, Beverly’s art playfully dances with color and movement. Her painting process is physical, using hardware-store brushes, broken sticks, rags, and hands to drip, scrape, wipe and pull paint across surfaces. She works in acrylic, oil, soft wax, and with paper.


Growing up in rural Nebraska, Beverly often escaped into the landscape -- happily lost for hours in the open prairie that inspires her work.


Beverly began painting in Santa Fe in 2018. To give others that experience, she opened Santa Fe Artist Getaway in 2019 moving her art practice and arts-based teaching from Omaha, NE, to Santa Fe, NM.

Her coaching helps artists discover their potential and create their best art yet. She leads workshops in abstract expressionism encouraging artists to paint big, free, and expressive. She also leads arts-based team building workshops for non-artists.


Beverly paints and teaches in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


She is currently serving as an Established Artist/Mentor with Strata Gallery, Santa Fe. Her art is in collections including the University of Nebraska, Albrecht-Kemper Museum, Wilson Performing Arts Center. Beverly is featured in “Wild Lands,” published by Jen Tough Gallery. She has shown with Jen Tough Gallery, Art Santa Fe, Strata Gallery, Gallery 1516, Visionary Arts Collective, Bemis Center, Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, Kansas City Artist Coalition, Norfolk Arts Center, Nebraska Governor’s Residence.

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